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SkillSprints conquers productivity and risk management challenges by bridging the digital skills divide. Through compact, five-minute learning bursts, SkillSprints doesn’t just enhance abilities; it celebrates every step forward.

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Workplace Skills Training

Microlearning Topics

The SkillSprints platform provides microtraining on all of the following skills and more!

Cybersecurity 101

Understanding threats like phishing, malware, and how to protect your data.

Introduction to Computers

Basic overview of hardware, software, and how they work together.

Spreadsheet basics

Introduction to creating and working with spreadsheets for basic data management.

Calendar & Time Management

Using digital calendars for scheduling and time management.

Word Processing Basics

Use popular word processors to create digital and printed documents

Email & Communication Skills

Communicate professionally in the digital world.

Operating Systems
Operating Systems

Understanding the basics of popular operating systems like Windows or MacOS.

Internet Basics

Navigating the internet, using search engines, and understanding URLs.

Online Privacy

Tips for protecting your personal information online.

Presentation Software

Creating digital presentations for meetings and online.

File Management

Organizing and managing files and folders on your computer or device.

Digital Communication

Using digital tools for effective communication, such as chat and video conferencing.

Online Collaboration

Introduction to online collaboration tools like Google Drive or Microsoft Teams.

Basic Graphics

Introduction to basic graphic design concepts and tools.

Digital Citizenship

Understanding ethical and responsible use of digital technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to use AI tools productively and ethically.

Workplace Mental Health

Maintaining a work environment that promotes positive mental health and habits.


The tools and techniques used by productive people in and out of work.

Skills-Based Learning Optimized for a Deskless Workforce

Watch on any device, at any time

In today's mobile work environment, adaptable learning resources are essential. Vertical videos, designed for smartphones, offer accessible, engaging learning without the need to adjust or pause, perfect for deskless workers on the move.

This format turns every idle moment into a chance for growth, ensuring skills-based learning is always within reach, anytime, anywhere.

Phone Based Learning
Power Up Productivity

The Digital Skills Gap Is Real—Let's Close It Together

A survey by McKinsey revealed that a staggering 87% of companies foresee a skills gap issue emerging in the next one to five years. However, a parallel study from PwC indicated that only 40% of these organizations are actively investing in skill training for their existing employees.

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